Sebastian V., Portland, OR USA

"We hired Nicholas Costa (Nic) of Nelson/Smith LLP.  After talking to several different immigration lawyers and Nic immediately gave us a good and comfortable feeling about hiring him.  After our first meeting we knew we were in the right hands.  "

ChrystAl A., Portland, OR USA

"Nicole Nelson was our lawyer to help my husband get his permanent residence I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs immigration services!  She was very personable and made sure to prepare everything for us to make the process easier!  She was upfront about all costs involved there were no hidden fees or surprises so we were able to save the money to be able to go through this process."


"Philip Smith is THE BEST immigration lawyer.  He will tell you with honesty how big your chance you have with your case.  I was SO lucky to find him and represented my case.  I will recommend him and his company to anyone who is looking for immigration lawyer!"

AnoNymous, Portland, OR USA

"John Dooney is attentive, responsive and extremely empathetic to people's struggles on Immigration.  John knows that the immigration process is a difficult and expensive process so he makes sure that he is provided honest and appropriate assistance depending on the case you have.  I would recommend John to anyone, he knows what he is doing and wants only to provide the correct service to his clients. ."

IRIS M., Portland, OR USA

"The best.  Honesty, professional and quality.  I definitely recommend it.  My case was a success.  I have my resident.  Thank you Nelson Smith LLP "


"Deveras te ayuda este abogado muy a tentó y si te ayuda con tus cosas selos recomiendo."

Success Stories

NATURALIZATION: Deportable BUT Eligible to Naturalize -- LPR granted U.S. citizenship

 Client avoided almost certain referral to Immigration Court and was granted U.S. citizenship by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. 

REMOVAL DEFENSE: Final Administrative Removal Order WITHDRAWN and Mandatory Detention AVOIDED

 Final Administrative Removal Order for aggravated felony delivery of marijuana  offense withdrawn and bond granted after successful Ninth Circuit litigation.  


Fleeing violence in Mexico, Nelson Smith, LLP represented three minor children with their affirmative asylum cases and the children were granted permanent protection in the United States after only three months!