Beginning on January 15, 2015, all Mexican Consulates throughout the United States will issue certified copies of birth certificates to citizens of Mexico.  The cost to Mexican citizens to obtain a certified copy of his/her birth certificate will be $13.00.  The Mexican Consul announced that there will be no additional costs.  A citizen of Mexico will need to complete a short application and produce some type of official identification, like a Clave Unica de Registro de Poblacion (CURP).

Prior to January 15, 2015, in order to obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate issued in Mexico, a Mexican citizen would need to contact the local municipality in Mexico, which could sometimes be a long, slow and tedious process.  The issuance of certified copies of birth certificates by the Mexican Consulates located in the United States will be a tremendous service to Mexicans living here.  Often, for various immigration applications and services, a certified copy of the birth certificate is required.

To see the full announcement, please click:  Mexican Consulate birth certificates